the organism of the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Tests eulogizes the voting of the Security Council of the UN


The director of the organism of the Treaty of Complete Prohibition of the Nuclear Tests expressed his hope that the new resolution of the Security Council of the UN contributes to that the United States and China take concrete measures to ratify the agreement.

Lassina Zerbo, executive secretary of the organism, spoke with our radio station before the advice subjected to voting the resolution draft. Zerbo expressed its approval before the vote, pointing out that it is very important to urge to the countries members to abstain from carrying out atomic tests.

Also, it expressed their hope that the resolution constitutes a positive pressure to demand to the United States and China that ratify the treaty and it pointed out that the absence of such a confirmation on the part of the two countries is a factor of weight that impedes the entrance in vigor of the pact.

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