cluster bombs killed to near 400 people in 2015


An international coalition against the cluster bombs informed that 417 people died because of this type of explosive in 2015, most lost the life in Syria and in other areas in warlike conflict in the world.

A report published by the coalition on Thursday indicated that more than a third of all the deaths for cluster bombs were children. The document also says that 248 of them died in Syria, 104 in Yemen and 19 in Ukraine.

The cluster bombs spread hundred of small bombs throughout an extensive area. Occasionally, some don't explode and they are difficult to find and to retire, for what you/they kill and they hurt many people time after the end of the conflicts.

The use of cluster bombs is prohibited by an international treaty that he/she went into effect in 2010. It has been ratified by Japan and other 118 countries and regions. However, nations like United States, Russia and Israel continue without signing it.

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