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The president from Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, faces the last step now in the deprivation process that suspended it in May for positions of manipulation of the government budget.

On Thursday, the Senate gave beginning to the deliberations. During the session, headed by the judge president of the Supreme Court, testimonies were listened as much to favor as against Rousseff.

It is foreseen that the president lends declaration on Monday and you/he/she is expected that the final voting is carried out next week.

In case at least the senators' two thirds, that is to say 54 of the total, find it guilty, Rousseff will be deprived.

The local means inform that it is probable that Rousseff is separated from its position. In a voting previous of the Senate, 59 members voted in favor of continuing ahead with the final session of the deprivation process.

The president's followers, as well as who are shown in against, they have called to manifestations for final of this month in the capital of the country, Brasilia, and other cities.

Rousseff is accused of having violated laws you budget them to hide the deficit of Brazil before its reelection like president, in 2014.

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