the three detainees in Paris in connection with a suspicious vehicle linked with the Islamic group


In France the Prosecutor's office has declared that one suspects that the three detained women in connection with a vehicle loaded with cylinders of gas were planning an attack under the direction of militant of Islamic State in Syria.

Last Sunday the police found an automobile abandoned in the vicinity of the cathedral of Notre you Give me in Paris. The agents stopped the daughter of the proprietor of the vehicle and other two women in the outskirts of the Gallic capital this Thursday.

In declarations to the press on Friday the district attorneys affirmed that the detainees belonged to a terrorist group formed mainly by young women and they received instructions of militant of Islamic State that they are in Syria. They suspect that they were planning another attack.

One of the detainees 19 years old figured in a list of surveillance of the intelligence authorities for their intention of traveling to Syria. Other of 23 years he/she had bonds with suspicious people of terrorism among them the man that killed a priest in a Catholic church in the north of France in July.

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