The prime minister from Japan meets with the president from Russia on Friday


The prime minister from Japan, Shinzo Abe, it has arrived to Vladivostok, in Russia.

Abe left from Tokyo on Friday in the afternoon to carry out a visit of two days in the Russian Far East. There, this afternoon a summit programmed between the Japanese prime minister and the president from Russia begins, Vladimir Putin. Both leaders were for last time in May, in the city of Sochi, south of Russia.

Before leaving from Japan, Abe said to the press that hopes to maintain a honest and deep dialogue with the Russian leader, and that it is resolved to achieve a progress in the treaty of bilateral peace and a territorial dispute.

Japan and Russia didn't sign a treaty of peace after Second World War due to a dispute on four islands controlled by Russia, of which Japan claims sovereignty. The Japanese Government sustains that the islands are inherent part of the territory of the country and it points out that they were busy illegally after the war.

During the summit of Friday, it is also expected that Abe discusses the details of a plan of eight points that it proposed in May, which suggests energy development and industrial cooperation in the Russian Far East.

On Saturday, you preve that the prime minister from Japan gives a speech in a forum of Economy that will gather so much to government officials as managers from Russia and the region Asia-Pacific.

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