the military parade of the commemorative ceremony of the end of Second World War is suspended in Sajalin, Russia


In the region of the Russian Far East the military parade was suspended yearly in a ceremony that commemorates another anniversary of the end of Second World War.

September two are the day that Japan signed the document of rendition in 1945. On Friday he/she was carried out the annual ceremony in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, however, the celebration didn't have the military parade and there were not speeches on the part of the commandants of the army. The official number of assistants belonged to a thousand people, a recruit with regard to the figure of the last year.

The Government of Sajalin didn't give explanations, but you speculates that it was a sample of consideration toward Japan. On Friday afternoon one has foreseen a summit Japan-Russia in Vladivostok, city of the Russian Far East.

The lieutenant governor of Sajalin declared in the ceremony that the south of the island and the near archipelago were liberated 71 years ago as a result of Second World War.

These islands include four of those that Japan claims like inherent part of its territory. The Japanese Government affirms that they were busy illegally for the Soviet Union after the war.

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