EU to adopt new border control plan


European Union leaders have agreed to stem the influx of refugees and migrants by tightening border controls by the end of June next year.

Leaders gathered in Brussels, Belgium for their final summit meeting of the year. They focused on issues of importance to be discussed after the Christmas holidays.

Nearly one million refugees and migrants reached Europe this year.

The leaders agreed to reinforce the bloc's external borders by increasing the authority of border guards, as well as their number, and to impose stricter screening of refugees. The EU faces more challenges. The bloc decided to accept 160-thousand asylum seekers in September, but has only approved just over 200 so far.

Heightened worries about terrorist attacks have prompted some member states to reintroduce border checks, which goes against the principle of free movement within the EU.

The leaders agreed to join together to deal with the migrant crisis ahead of the coming year, but must engage in soul-searching to find common ground.

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