the Syrian army launches air attacks against the rebels in Alepo


The air attacks continue in Alepo, city of the north of Syria, after the president's Government Bashar al-Assad he/she declared on Thursday a new offensive in the east of that it pierces that the anti-government forces use as bastion.

The factions in war agreed a cease-fire starting from September 12. However, everything seems to indicate that the truce is about to break due to the worsening of the combats.

Among Thursday for the night and on Friday, combat airplanes bombarded the east of Alepo and their surroundings intermittently. According to a group of observation of the Syrian civil war, in the attacks 39 civilians died, including women and children.

An anti-government activist in Alepo said to our radio station that the bombings of Thursday had been the most intense that I/you/he/she had experienced in her life and she added that they had stayed for more than 24 hours.

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