prime minister from Japan expresses his determination of making in front of the threat of North Korea


The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, expressed its decision of looking for an international severe answer to the nuclear programs and of missiles of North Korea. It also indicated that Japan will make an effort to implement its own sanctions against the regime of Pyongyang.

Abe granted a press wheel during its visit to Cuba. Making reference to the series of nuclear tests and launchings of North Korean missiles, the Japanese leader indicated that they are unacceptable acts and that they represent a threat to a greater level that before. He/she added that the international community should unite against this danger and to appeal to overwhelming measures that never before have taken.

Abe made stress in its diplomatic achievements, mentioning that it had confirmed the cooperation in front of North Korea on the part of the president from the United States, Barack Obama, the British first minister, Theresa May, and the Chinese premier, Li Keqiang. The Japanese leader interviewed with those leaders this week in New York during his attendance to the General Assembly of the UN and other meetings of high level.

The Japanese prime minister said that the Security Council of the UN faces the challenge of confirming if it is able to take effective measures in front of the threat of North Korea and to complete its responsibility to maintain the peace and the stability World cups. Also, it pointed out that Japan, as non permanent member of the Security Council of the UN, is resolved to complete a central paper in the solution of this problem.

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