Philippine president describes from silly to the boss of the UN


The president from Philippines Rodrigo Duterte criticized the general secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon after the UN urged him/her to respect the human rights in the campaign against the drugs in its country.

Duterte made this comment on Friday in Jakarta during a meeting sustained with managers Philippine residents in Indonesia. Duterte has ordered to intensify the investigations around the crimes related with the drugs. The death of many suspects in the energetic campaign is reason of concern in the international community.

Duterte affirmed that the holder of the UN was even interfering and that some weeks ago it had emitted an official statement on violations to the human rights. He/she added that in their opinion Ban Ki-moon was a fool.

This week the president from the United States Barack Obama canceled a meeting foreseen with Duterte after the Philippine leader reacted with fury before the intention of Obama of requesting him/her that it respects the human rights. Duterte affirmed that he didn't kneel down before anybody.

Last month the Philippine leader complained about the critics of the UN and he even threatened to retire from the world organism to his country.

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