North Korea promises to continue its program of nuclear development


The minister of External Relationships of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho, affirmed that the program of nuclear development and of missiles of its country it is a defensive measure, and he/she promised its continuity.

Speaking before the General Assembly of the UN in New York on Friday, the North Korean minister pointed out that his country chose to develop a nuclear arsenal as protection against the nuclear threat of United States.

The minister accused United States of increasing the tension in the Korean peninsula, adducing that Washington maintains a hostile politics toward North Korea and it continues carrying out military exercises in and around the peninsula, an apparent reference to the exercises military groups of United States and South Korea.

The minister affirmed that the fifth nuclear test of carried out North Korea this month an answer went to the threats and sanctions of hostile nations, even United States, underlining that its country will continue taking measures to reinforce the nuclear capacity of its armed forces as much in quantity as in quality.

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