more than a thousand people they continue isolated in the prefecture of Iwate, Japan, after a typhoon


Near 1.100 people they continue isolated in the prefecture of Iwate, in the northeast of Japan, after a powerful typhoon that whipped the region this week.

Authorities prefecturales confirmed the death of 11 people in the town of Iwaizumi and the city of Kuji, after the typhoon Lionrock. Nine of the victims were civic old whose bodies were found in a home for old men flooded in Iwaizumi.

Local authorities said that a body that was discovered in the proximities of the home for old men on Thursday could belong to one of 16 people that are still missing.

In the morning of Friday, it was believed that approximately 1.100 people were still isolated after he/she intersected the step of routes due to floods and earth slips. More than 800 people in six municipalities take refuge in evacuation centers.

The authorities continue the rescue efforts and help, at the same time that they are carried out works of repair of damaged roads.

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