Japan will expand the use of automated system of migration control in its more important airports


The Japanese Government has foreseen to allow in a next future the use from an automated system of immigration to the foreign visitors that fulfill certain requirements.

The Ministry of Justice installed doors automated in the migratory control of the international most important airports in Japan to avoid congestions. At the present time, the Japanese citizens and the foreigners that have reentrada permission and a residence card can only use this doors. The users should carry an effective passport and to have completed their inscription that includes the registration of fingerprints in a previous way.

Starting from November, the foreign tourists coming from exempt countries of visa to enter to Japan and that they fulfill certain conditions, they will be able to use the automatic doors. The conditions are applied people that belong to public organizations or registered companies that visit Japan at least twice a year.

The Ministry is considering to expand the use from the system to other users, like part of the efforts to impel the foreign tourism.

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