Japan, China and South Korea will cooperate through the sport


Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to increase their cooperation through the sport so that the next three Olympic Games and Paralimpicos are a success.

The ministers of sport of the three countries met for the first time on Friday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, where they will take place the Olympic Games and winter Paralimpicos in 2018. The Olympic Games and summer Paralimpicos 2020 will take place in Tokyo and Beijing will be host of the winter Games 2022.

The ministers signed the Declaration of Pyeongchang, in which one makes a call to that the three countries work toward a peaceful coexistence in the This of Asia based on the invigoration of the mutual understanding through sport exchanges.

The declaration also makes a call so that the three countries share their knowledge and experience in the organization of the Olympic Games and Paralimpicos. The three countries will lead the global efforts on the other hand to prevent the dopaje among the sportsmen.

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