family of Japanese kidnapped by North Korea they request to the Japanese Government that doesn't forget them


The families of Japanese kidnapped in the past by North Korean agents, they have urged the Government from Japan to not losing of view the objective of returning them, in moments in those that there is a clamor for the nuclear program of Pyongyang.

They fear that the nuclear test of last week can distract to the international community when making an effort to solve the topic of the kidnappings.

Parents and siblings are concerned because, as they go aging, he/she leaves draining the time to meet with their dear beings that disappeared decades ago.

Shigeo Iizuka, representative of the families, he/she has met on Friday with Katsunobu Kato, the minister of the Cabinet that takes charge of approaching the matter. This it has guaranteed them that the Executive will make all that is in his hand, with dialogue and pressure, so that North Korea returns to those kidnapped.

Up to now, every time that Pyongyang has carried out a nuclear test, the families have asked that additional sanctions are imposed.

After the meeting with the minister, Shigeo Iizuka has expressed its hope that the Government treats this matter like his priority and that it detaches it of the nuclear program of North Korea.

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