EE. UU. it condemns the 5.o nuclear North Korean test


The president from the United States Barack Obama condemned the fifth nuclear test of North Korea describing him from a serious threat to the regional security and the peace and the international stability.

In a diffused official statement on Friday Obama assured that the United States doesn't accept neither they will never accept to North Korea like an atomic state adding that the provocative actions of alone Pyongyang have been able to isolate to its town.

Obama also mentioned that it had sustained phone consultations separately with the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and the president from South Korea Park Geun-hye. As it pointed out the American leader they had agreed to work with the Security Council of the UN and the related countries in order to implement in a vigorous way the current measures and to undertake additional actions that affect North Korea including new sanctions.

Obama indicated that it had communicated Abe and Park the unyielding commitment of the United States to take the necessary measures in its allies' defense including to bet an advanced antimissile defense system in South Korea.

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