comment: The summit of G20 that on Sunday is inaugurated in China


On Sunday and on Monday the leaders of the Group of the 20 will meet in the oriental Chinese city of Hangzhou to attend a conference that, for the first time, he/she will preside over the leader Xi Jinping.

In today's Comment, Masaharu Hishida, professor of the University Hosei, will speak to us of the Chinese president's paper in the conversations.

Probably, it begins the professor saying, China considers the summit like one of the matters has more than enough foreign policy to those that more importance grants. For that reason, the form in that Xi Jinping approaches it it will affect to the objective that seems to pursue, this is, to secure even more its power in the breast of Communist Party. It is said that it has already consolidated it, but he/she faces matters that could increase the opposition toward him inside the formation. Among them, the failure that the international tribunal of arbitration dictated in July against the Asian giant's aspirations in the sea of Southern China and the one foreseen unfolding in South Korea of THAAD, this is, the advanced system to intercept missiles of United States. For everything it, to Xi he will find Jinping difficult to adopt an excessively conciliatory posture in the summit. In the professor's opinion, he/she will make it putting of relief the necessity China to cooperate to settle international important matters. It could also be centered in topics economic so pretext that to that they decrease the summits of G20, since he/she wants to avoid the critics toward their own country in other contentious ones, as those that affect to the seas of Southern and Oriental China.

Said this, Xi Jinping would rot it turns in a corner in the economic front. For example, the form in that the combined prospective declaration should mention the international responsibility that has its country for its industrial excessive capacity. The Asian giant could emphasize the importance of his international contribution in case other nations try to request bills to Beijing. The guest wants to check which it will be the focus that you/they will adopt the nations of G20 so that the international community works on the whole from face to solve economic problems of character World cup.

On the other hand, if China puts emphasis in the importance of the international paper, the analyst, Japan says she should underline the relevance of the global cooperation and between Japan and China when solving matters like the nuclear development of North Korea. Also, the professor, Tokyo adds it should transmit his concern on the marine growing activity of China, included the entrance of ships of the Chinese Government in territorial waters of Japan around the islands Senkaku, in the sea of Oriental China that controls this last country. It is necessary to remember that the Japanese Government sustains that they are inherent part of his territory, although as much China as Taiwan claim his sovereignty. And lastly, it finishes today's guest saying, Japan should urge China to that it clarifies which its intention is after those activities in the sea

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