comment: The fifth nuclear test of North Korea


North Korea carried out its fifth nuclear test last weekend. The concern goes in increase with regard to the progress of the North Korean development of nuclear weapons and technology of missiles. In this edition of The Comment, the professor Hideshi Takesada, of the School of Posgrado of the University Takushoku, talks us about the arms project of North Korea.

The professor indicates that we should be aware that North Korea has progressed enough in its nuclear development. According to the experts, the test of September 9 had a power of almost 10 kilotones, equivalent to between a 70 and 80 percent of the one that had the atomic heady bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. The mensuration of the tremor that provoked is an indication that it was successful. It is also necessary to make mention to the announcement that made the state North Korean television the day of the test. He/she affirmed that the scientists and the technicians of the country had been able to standardize a nuclear warhead the sufficiently small thing as to be mounted in a ballistic missile and that it is developing a he/she arms miniaturized. He/she added that the country is able to take place in series these bombs.

This year, North Korea has shot ballistic several missiles. Consequently, the professor Takesada says that the world has underestimated the progress of the military technology of Pyongyang, including the development of nuclear weapons. For example, August 24 were able to launch a ballistic missile from a submarine. The technology consists on to expel a projectile outside of the water using pressure of vapor and to light its motor when it leaves to the surface. In general, it flies more than 400 kilometers and at least 10 countries have acquired this technology.

Our commentator adds that September 5, North Korea threw three missiles Rodong of medium reach that can fly up to 1.300 kilometers. All they fell in the sea near Japan. It is supposed that the North Korean regime is completely aware that if a missile falls in Japan, the Japanese Government would consider it as a nuclear attack against his territory and it would summon their Forces of Self-defense. Consequently, North Korea is able to adjust the trajectory and the distance of the flight so that the projectile doesn't fall in Japanese territory.

Up to now, Pyongyang has insisted in that its nuclear development won't represent any threat for Japan. However, in Japanese floor there are military American bases that could be a target for Pyongyang. Japan maintains a double defense system in case North Korea launches a missile against its territory. It consists of a system in the sea integrated for destructive with radars Aegis, and in earth for the interception system PAC3. It fits to point out that at the moment he/she has the option of the sophisticated system of missiles that the American army plans to summon in South Korea the next year taking advantage.

Nevertheless, the professor adds, that would not be enough. Japan needs satellites of early alert infrareds that can detect immediately toward where he/she goes some missile rushed by North Korea. At the present time, the only country that is equipped with that system is United States, but Japan needs to develop it as soon as possible in order to improve its antimissile defense capacity.

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