A tribunal of Japan ratifies the permission of the works of relocation of a military base of EE. UU. in Okinawa


A tribunal of Japan has ratified the national Government's birdcall on the plan of relocation of a military American base inside the prefecture of Okinawa, in the south of Japan.

According to the verdict of the tribunal, so much the repeal of the permission of the works to gain ground to the sea on the part of the governor prefectural, as the rejection on the part of the prefecture of the central Government's order of canceling this repeal, they are illegal.

The demand presented before the dependence of the city of Naha of the High Tribunal of Fukuoka is part of the legal process in relation to the works to gain ground in front of the costs of Henoko, in the Prefecture of Okinawa. This area is the place where one plans to locate the Air base of Futenma of the Infantry of Marina from the United States.

In October of the last year, the Governor of Okinawa, Takeshi Onaga, revoked the permission for those mentioned works that it had been granted by its predecessor.

The legal battle has continued among the Governments power station and of the prefecture from March, when you reached an agreement with the mediation of a tribunal.

When dictating the sentence on Friday, the judge Toshiro Tamiya, in charge of the case, pointed out that it is not another option that to gain ground in the place drifted for the relocation of the base with the purpose of eliminating the risks for the near population to the current base of Futenma.

This is the first verdict in relation to this demand.

You preve that the prefecture of present Okinawa an appeal before the Supreme Tribunal.

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