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The International Conference of Tokyo on the African (TICAD) Development will carry out the 27 and 28 in this month in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. It will be the first time that is carried out in Africa in their more than two decades of history. In today's Comment, James Kuria, a keniano to the front of the department of Development of Business in Africa in a consultant company with headquarters in Tokyo, he/she will talk us about the expectations regarding the conference TICAD.

The importance of this TICAD, Kuria points out, it is the fact that almost 60 Japanese companies have traveled to Africa with the intention of participating. One has a lot of interest in knowing the way in that Japan will promote such business as the electricity supply, the desalinizacion of the marine water to transform it in drinkable water or the way of making in front of traffic problems in cities like Nairobi, Lakes, in Nigeria, or to Give is Salaam, in Tanzania.

With regard to the attractiveness of the market of Africa, our commentator points out that you/he/she is about an extremely young continent where the ages average are about the 20 years in many countries. It indicates that their company is examining the market of the processed foods, as the noodles oriental style, the pastas, or the bread that will be located among the main industries of growth in Africa, with a percentage of annual bigger development to 10 percent and he/she affirms that the Japanese companies have advantages in that sector.

Kuria mentions, on the other hand that Japan has an advantageous position in a sector where Africa faces difficulties and it is the sector related with the infrastructures. It puts as example the electricity generation. Nowadays, the consumption average in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Angola or Nigeria is about the 120 kilowatts annual hour. But, in comparison to Ho-chi-min or Hanoi, in Vietnam, the consumption is among six seven times minor.

The market in Africa is growing, our interviewee mentions, to an average that is equal to between the five and six percent of the gross internal product, so Kuria proposes to the Japanese companies that consider to Africa like the next opportunity of gold for them.

Also, it points out, that continent possesses, for example, natural immense resources as coal and geothermal energy, as well as gas, in Tanzania and in Mozambique. He/she adds that Japan has already created very solid relationships with the companies that are devoted to the generation, distribution and electricity supply for the homes and that they are also giving clean energy. Consequently, our commentator mentions that with regard to the electricity generation, she is thinking of acquiring turbines and generators of Japanese companies as Hitachi, Toshiba and Heavy Industries Mitsubishi.

Consequently, Kuria concludes, a good association is appreciated between Africa and the companies of the electric Japanese industry and he/she adds that it is an area where the other countries don't have advantage in the continent, so it recommends Japan to take advantage of this opportunity.

The prime minister from Japan, Shinzo Abe, arrived in Kenya to attend the International Conference of Tokyo on the African Development, or TICAD.

The airplane in that Abe traveled landed in Nairobi at high hours of Thursday. Sixth TICAD will begin on Saturday. It is the first time that the conference will take place in Africa. The five previous encounters were carried out in Japan.

Before the inauguration of the conference, Abe has foreseen to attend a welcome party offered by the Government from Kenya and to meet with leaders of African countries.

Abe intends to look for its cooperation to achieve the reformation of the Security Council of the United Nations, including the tentative of Japan of transforming into permanent member of the Council.

During the conference TICAD, Abe will commit to expand the investments in infrastructure projects that use Japanese technology of advanced.

The commission of political of the Bank of Japan has decided to implement additional measures of monetary relaxation.

The commission voted 7 at 2 in favor of increasing the annual purchase, on the part of the central bank, of sought-after investment funds in bag to an I mount of around 58 thousand million dollars, what almost implies double the I mount of current purchase.

The decision of increasing the liquidity of the market is part of the efforts to achieve a goal of inflation of 2%.

Those in charge of elaborating politicians reached this agreement on Friday, in the last day of an encounter of two days of duration. It is the first measure of economic additional relaxation that is applied in little more than six months, since the central bank adopted the politics of negative interest rate in January.

United nations affirm that The Boys phenomenon has finished, although it continues ei devastating impact of the droughts and floods.

The Boy provokes higher temperatures in the surface of the water in equatorial Pacific, in the costs of Peru. The last time that this phenomenon made act of presence was in 2014, when levels record of temperature were reached that provoked serious droughts and floods in the entire world.

In a report given to know on Friday, the Fund of the United Nations for the Childhood (UNICEF), informs that 26 millions 500 thousand children need help in the east and the south of Africa, since they have been very affected by the phenomenon. He/she also says that more than a million small they need treatment the sharp malnutrition that you/they suffer to combat.

The document points out that the alimentary shortage provoked by the drought in the south of Africa is an obstacle so that the patients of HIV continue with its treatment.

For everything it, UNICEF requests help to the international community.

At least 14 people were killed during an attack by armed men the a hotel in the capital of Somalia, Mogadiscio, on Saturday. The group Al-Shabab of extremist Islamic and that he/she has base in the country demanded the authorship of the attack.

The armed men began the attack detonating a car loaded of explosives in the gate of the hotel. They took some guests as hostages and they changed fire with forces of safety. The local press announced that to the least two shooters are among the deads and that there is more than 20 wounded.

The hotel is known by being frequented by politicians and government's officials.

On June 1, the Al-Shabab it attacked other hotel in the capital, killing 15 people. Forces of Somalia close to soldiers of the African Union have been accomplishing military operations against the extremists. The group affirmed that the attacks are a retaliation to such actions.

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