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The Turkish media affirms that the authorities knew that militant of the Islamic group they planned to carry out a terrorist attack in an airport of Istanbul about 20 days before he/she took place.

The suicidal attacks and the shooting that took place on Tuesday in the airport Ataturk cost the life to 44 people and they caused wounded to more than 200. The authorities of Turkey suspect that the mentioned group was behind the facts.

A means of local communication affirms that the agency of intelligence of the country had noticed to the Government and other organizations related of possible attacks against diverse facilities, among them the airport.

The citizens wonder why the commission of the attack was not impeded in spite of having the reports of the secret service.

Another means of communication informed that the attack of Tuesday was part of multiple plots terrorists in Istanbul, and that two possible attacks were avoided after the authorities identified the potential authors and they were confiscated of explosive.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, it has expressed concern on the military invigoration of NATO near the Russian frontier.

On Thursday, Putin referred about the decision of NATO of last month of betting four battalions in Poland and in three Baltic countries. With this comment, the president was early to the summit of NATO that will be carried out next week.

Putin pointed out that the location has as objective to weaken the military parity that has formed during decades. He/she added that Russia won't demonstrate weakness and it will always be able to protect its citizens.

The Russian leader made advances in relation to taking reprisal measures but he denied intensiones of participating in an arms career.

NATO agreed the military invigoration two years ago soon after the Ukrainian crisis that was in the annexation on the part of Russia of the region from Crimea to the south of Ukraine.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong A he/she has received to a delegation of Cuba and it has reaffirmed the friendly relationships among the two countries.

The official newspaper of ruling Party of the Workers from Korea Rodong Sinmun, he/she has informed on Friday that one day before Kim had sustained conversations in Pyongyang with the Cuban delegation, led by the vice-president Salvador Valdes Table. It is the first time from October of 2015 that Kim meets with a foreign high leader.

According to the newspaper, Kim would have said that she has trust in that the friendship and bilateral cooperation are developed even more, to what Valdes Table responded him/her that in that the basic politics of Cuba consists.

Some analysts point to that the leader from North Korea has met with the delegation to make stress in the importance of the bonds with Cuba.

On Friday, authorities of the Japanese Government announced that the index of prices to the consumption of Japan registered in the month of May a descent for third serial month.

The numbers fell 0,4% with regard to May of 2015. The index excludes the price of the perishable foods for its volatility. Authorities attribute this descent to the depreciation of the petroleum, which caused the slope of the prices of the gasoline and the electricity.

The registrations marked an increase of 0,6% interanual in the cases in that all the energy types and food were excluded. That figure has ascended during 32 followed months.

The half price of the land in Japan has ascended for the first time in eight years.

As he/she announced on Friday the Tributary National Agency, until the first of January, the price of the earth for square meter that gives to the main streets ascended of stocking 0,2% regarding the same period of the last year.

The prices that were used to calculate the taxes on successions and donations, had been descending from the crisis financial World cup of 2008.

The increase in the value of the land is attributed to the biggest expense in the foreign so much visitors in the big cities as in the regional areas.

The survey quarterly Tankan of the Bank of Japan indicates that the level of trust didn't change among the main makers of the country, but it suffered a drop in the sector non manufacturer in the period of April to June.

The central bank published on Friday its formless last Tankan. Each trimester, the institution asks to some 11 thousand companies of all Japan how they perceive the managerial situation.

The economists of the bank found that the index that reflects the feeling of the big makers reached a positive value of six points, the same as in the previous trimester.

This index represents the percentage difference among the companies that consider that the conditions are good for the business and those that say the opposite.

A positive value means that most of the companies are optimistic.

For the next trimester it is expected that there are not changes in what concerns to big companies manufacturers. However, for the companies big non manufacturers, a descent of 2 points is expected.

The central bank of Japan affirmed that the last survey Tankan doesn't reflect the result of the British voting in favor of leaving European Union, since most of the companies responded before the referendo of last week.

The visitors of some thermal waters of the center of Japan have enjoyed a gratuitous bathroom.

The thermal bathrooms Okuhida, located in the city of Takayama, designated June 26 like day to celebrate the thermal bathrooms outdoors. The visitors can use the facilities located in 5 different places without having to pay.

The thermal baths "Kojin-no-yu" they are located in the margin of a river surrounded by green trees and rocks of different sizes. To the opening of the facilities, at 8 in the morning, numerous people were waiting to take a bath in the hot water listening the relaxing sound of the river.

An about 70 year-old man said that the experience was very relaxing and that he/she made friends among the other participants.

The House of Guests of the State of Kioto, in the west of Japan, will open its doors to the public during the whole year starting from July 21.

The facilities that were built in 2005 to adapt dignitaries of other countries, are in the national garden Kyoto Gyoen, in the center of the Japanese old capital. The gardens and the style of the architecture traditional Japanese are designed to help to that the visitors of State learn how on the culture and the history of Japan.

Up to now, the enclosure had opened up to the public single ten days a year, during the summer of Japan. However, the Government of the country has decided to open it to the public during the whole year, except when it is housing foreign dignitaries. With this decision, he/she hopes the number of travelers of other countries that you/they visit the house of guests increases.

The entrance for the adults hill about 10 dollars and near 5 dollars for the students of secondary. The access will be allowed of up to 2.000 visitors per day.

China is accelerating its space program by means of the presentation of a new rocket type.

The Chinese rocket of new generation, the Long March 7, it was thrown with success on Saturday from the center of launching of satellites Wenchang, located in the southern island of Hainan.

The projectile of half size uses liquid fuel that as one affirms it is less harmful for the environment. The rocket has a maximum capacity of 13 tons and he/she mediates and it will be used to transport supplies to the Chinese planned space station.

The center of launching, recently built, is the room of the country and it can fire rockets since to a smaller cost when being located near the equator, it takes advantage of the speed of rotation of the Earth.

China plans to send a probe to Mars around 2020 and to complete its station later space 2 years.

The police of Okinawa, Southwest of Japan, he/she has arrested a civil employee of a base of United States in the prefecture under suspicion of driving under the effects of the alcohol.

After the arrest of another American that works in one of the bases for their implication in the murder of a Japanese in Okinawa, the whole personnel of the facilities of United States, so much military as civil, he/she has forbidden to consume alcohol, to buy it and to celebrate parties outside of the American bases up to June 28.

Shayquain Francis is suspicious of having collided with a vehicle in an intersection of the city of Okinawa toward 4:30 in the morning of Sunday. The agents have declared that the worker of an American base, 24 years old, told them that he had drunk alcohol the previous day, but not on Sunday.

A population of the Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto, affected recently by a series of potent earthquakes, it has begun to accept additional petitions of temporary housings.

In April the population of Mashiki was affected by two of the most potent earthquakes in the Japanese scale that she goes from 0 to 7. Some 4.900 houses were destroyed or partially damaged. More than 1.900 residents they still live in evacuation refuges.

The population's authorities accepted applications for 976 temporary housings in May. Those evacuated went to a center of the community on Sunday to present their applications for some 370 housings. The conditions have been relaxed with the purpose of that people whose houses were partially affected could present applications to move to the temporary housings.

The Government prefectural has said that he hopes all the applicants can move to these housings for principles of August.

After the British citizenship has decided to abandon European Union through a referendo, the number of people would be increasing in other countries members of the block that you/they request its Governments the celebration of similar votings.

In Denmark, a group of citizens has been picking up signatures with the purpose of that he/she takes place a referendo. Some members of the group have traveled to the United Kingdom to exchange points of view with British legislators that supported the campaign to leave European Union. The Danish group affirms that now that one knows the decision of the Britons, its members will intensify its campaign.

In Slovakia, a political party of extreme right obtained several benches in the parliamentary elections taken place in March. The grouping has declared that it will begin a campaign of collection of signatures with the purpose of to exhort to that takes place a referendo on the permanency of the country in European Union.

In Germany and France, among other nations, they are also winning support the sceptical political parties with the block.

A survey carried out soon after of the referendo of Thursday in the Kingdom United sample that the voters of more age would have decanted to leave European Union. The study was carried out by means of interviews carried out by a group led by the exmiembro of the Camera of Lores Michael Ashcroft. It was interviewed 12.400 voters.

The result shows that 73% of people between 18 and 24 years and 62% of those from 25 at 34 voted in favor of the permanency. On the other hand, 57% of the voters from 55 to 64 years and 60% of those of more than 65 they decanted to abandon the European block. 49% of those that voted in favor of the exit of the Union said that the main reason was that this would restore the right of the country of making its own decisions. 33% of the voters in favor of abandoning the block said that its main reason was that the United Kingdom have this way the control on the immigration and the frontiers again.

More than 2 million Britons they have signed a petition so that he/she takes place a second referendo.

Fifteen Japanese organizations of the private sector have emitted their forecasts for the report Tankan, of character quarterly that the Bank of Japan will publish July 1.

Every three months, the central bank interviews to some 11.000 companies of all Japan to measure the managerial feeling.

Thirteen of the fifteen organizations calculate that the feeling among the main manufacturers will worsen for second serial trimester. Also, they believe that the appreciation of the yen, the Japanese foreign currency, will affect negatively to the benefits of the signatures.

The fifteen organizations coincide in that, to their view, the index for the main companies non manufacturers will decay due to the ralentizacion of the consumption.

The state residence for official visits in Kyoto, area west of Japan, will be open for public visitation for elapsing of the year, starting from July 21.

The facilities were built in 2005 to welcome foreign dignitaries and they are located in the park National Garden Kyoto Gyoen, in the center of the old Japanese capital. The garden and the style traditional Japanese of the architecture were projected to help the official visitors to learn on the culture and the history of Japan.

Until then, the residence was open to the public for only 10 days a year, during the summer. However, the Japanese government decided for the opening for visitation for the whole year, except when of the foreign dignitaries' visit. The government wait that more foreign travelers arrive to know the official residence for guests.

The entrance cost about 10 dollars for adults and about 5 dollars for students of the medium teaching. Daily, until a maximum of 2 thousand tourists they can visit the place.

The Chinese state press informed that the rescue operations were contained on Saturday in a city in Jiangsu, province in the east of the country, that was reached by the passage of a tornado on Thursday.

Authorities in the city of Yancheng declared that 99 deaths and 846 hurt people were confirmed.

Posts and towers of steel of distribution of electricity were dropped, provoking fall of energy in about 50 thousand homes. The local government declared that he hopes to restore the supply of energy to Tuesday.

The authorities face the task of helping the people in the reconstruction of their lives, in view of the destruction of more than 8.000 constructions, including houses, schools and factories.

Specialists affirm that the tornado reached a speed of about 260 kilometers per hour, having been found to hundreds of meters of his/her original position a container with weight from 2 to 3 tons.

The chancellor of Lithuania manifested concern about the British decision of leaving the European Union, because the sanctions of the regional block against Russia can be affected.

Linas Linkevicius spoke to NHK on Saturday in Vilnius, the capital of the Baltic country. Linkevicius detached the important paper that United Kingdom had acted in the elaboration of the politics of the European Union. He said that his/her country will lose a powerful partner in the sanctions against Russia for the Ukrainian subject, because United Kingdom came tends a rigid and solid posture.

Lithuania is a former-republic of the Soviet Union.

A research soon after the British plebiscite of Thursday he/she revealed that older voters were prone to vote for for the exit of United Kingdom of the European Union.

The research was accomplished through interviews with about 12.400 voters and driven by a group led by Michael Ashcroft, former-member of the Camera of the Lords.

The result showed that 73% of those with age among 18 and 24 years, and 62% of those with age between 25 and 34 years, they voted for for the permanence in the European Union. Meanwhile, 57% of the voters with age among 55 and 64 years, and 60% of those with 65 years or plus, they voted for for the exit of United Kingdom.

A percentile of 49%, among the ones that voted for for the exit, he/she declared that the main reason for this choice was that the no-permanence in the regional block would restore the right of the country of making their own decisions.

The police of Okinawa, Southwest area of Japan, arrested an American civilian, employee in a military base of the United States located in the province, under suspicion of being driving intoxicated.

After another American civilian's prison, also employee in a base, under suspicion of the murder of a Japanese in Okinawa, all the cashes military Americans and civil employees in the bases was forbidden of to buy and to consume drunk alcoolicas, as well as accomplishing parties out of the American bases, until June 28.

Shayquain Francis is the suspect of the collision with a car in a crossing in the city of Okinawa, about 4:30 of the Sunday morning. The police informed that the employee of the American base, 24 years old, had declared that consumed drunk alcoolica in the previous day, but it had not consumed on Sunday.

A place reached by earthquakes in Kumamoto, province of the Southwest area of Japan, began to receive additional requests for temporary homes.

In April, the city of Mashiki was reached by 2 of the largest tremors in the scale of seismic intensity of Japan, with degrees from 0 to 7. About 4.900 houses they were destroyed or partially damaged. More than 1.900 residents are still living in temporary shelters.

The authorities of the place received in May the requests for 976 temporary habitational units. Uncovered went them until a community center on Sunday to give requests for an additional one about 370 units. The conditions were facilitated so that people with houses presenting partial danificacoes can be realocadas.

The government's of the province authorities declared to wait that all of the applicants can change for temporary houses until the beginning of August.

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