TRIDENT ROBOTThere is no similar robot which has come out to the market! EURUSD M5

Trident Robot to which all innovative methods of all will become unnecessary absolutely supposing you cannot define a tendency Marketshift Based on analysis (MSA), he is the first foreign exchange robot.

Most they cover the market conduct for ten years.

It is like a tendency. Trident Algorithm used as the core of robot work Finder based on -MSA.

MSA research findings (a tendency pattern, a factor and a market algorithm) have copyright taken. The soft team of the best foreign exchange has exclusive rights about these development.

Automated dealings. Installation only for 1 time

It was based on ten years of market research. EUR / USD Theory

62% with excessive correctness is used. Marketshifts AnalysisThe algorithm which can be [ a plane and a tendency ] adapted (fat)

Three-fold Stealth A profit goal and break-even point in which it has floated

Order management under smart deliberations

Time when dealings are being fixed (used GMT time)

The period of the guaranteed payment


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