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Trailing WizardWhat is the magician of an end As for it, a trader is always correctly. It needs by MetaTrader4, and it is combined with one product and it is now useful. It is the set of a tool ideal for dealings of manual labor. These are not only language, but we completely made an issue of a few more from 1000 traders, and it acted as a monitor of what the most popular complaint [ oftenest as opposed to the process of dealings by wish ] is, and most forums to find out at the improvement top. As a result, we followed and realized intuitive solution user-friendly for control of an order.

One magician of an end whom you get is made to take office.Intellectual news protection protection. The technique which avoids loss between press-release of high influence and which can be been [ a technique / it ] exact and trusted is inclusion.

Automobile instant of full SL & TP Setup. The instant stop loss defined beforehand and just after you place an order, Take Profit is the 2nd automatically. ?It came out and is ready everything.

The stop of the automatic end of a double core. It is never in so easy an effective front, but it is a nonstop. ?The stop of the hung-down urgent end! !!!

From a chart Please command correcting SL & TP. The system of 1 click of order control is changed and intuitive dealings are allowed quickly. Please merely move a visual line!

They are [ merely and ] all trader necessities exact so much. Always ? Tool which corrects the largest fault of MetaTrader4 and orders management.

Magician of an end - One product which should be dealt with

Trailing Wizard

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The following blog report「city of Shizuoka, center of Japan, will be the headquarters of meeting of ministers of Medioambiente of South Korea, China and Japan

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