sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Answers to Some Common Questions


Q: Can I use the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 if this is my first time ever trading Forex? A: Yes, you don't need to understand anything about the strategy to successfully use the system. sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is ideal for beginners since the new features manage all the background work. The only part you are left to do is click the mouse cursor when you want to execute a trade.

Q: I am an experienced trader and I want to learn more about the strategy before I start using the system. Can I get more information? A: Absolutely. sRs Trend Rider 2.0 package includes a comprehensive user manual with detailed explanation about every component of the strategy and the system. I encourage traders to learn the background of the strategy since I don't believe in black boxes.

Q: Is the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 completely automated? A: Almost. I would say 99% automated. You will receive alerts when the setup is detected (email, phone, and MT4 platform signal alerts). The Control Panel EA will do 99% of the work sRs Trend Rider 1.0 users had to do manually. The only part you need to do is to click a button whenever you want to execute trades.

Q: Do I receive the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 package immediately or do I have to wait for delivery? A: You get the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 package immediately after purchase.

Q: What trading instruments can be used with the sRs Trend Rider 2.0? A: You can trade any forex pair, commodity, index or stock that you want. I trade the sRs on virtually any trading instrument that my platform offers.

Q: Can I get help if I encounter difficulties or don't understand something? A: Absolutely! You are welcome to contact my dedicated support team anytime should you have any questions:

Q: Can I really return the system if I find that it doesn't suit my trading needs and get my money back? A: Yes, this purchase is 100% protected and refundable, no questions asked!

sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Answers to Some Common Questions

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